I am sure it is fair to say that we all have those days where we get out of bed on the wrong side; where things start to go wrong as soon as you open your eyes, and continue in a downward trajectory. You feel unable to gain control, and pretty soon whatever negative event that happened in that first hour has sabotaged the rest of your day.

This is why it is important to get your day off to a great start, and why that very first hour when you get out of bed is one of the most important hours of the day.

Excuse me if I sound somewhat dramatic, but you are in essence about to go into battle with the day, and therefore you need to be prepared – you need to put your armour on! Your invisible armour should make you impervious to any negativity the day might be about to hurl at you.

The most important way to prepare for what lies ahead is by being consistent. You need to work out a morning routine that works for you, and you need to stick to it whether it is a salutation to the sun, an icy shower or blasting out your favourite track.

The more consistent you are the less likely it is that things will go wrong. Did you know for example that Mark Zuckerberg has 20 identical grey T-shirts so as he never has to wake up in the morning and wonder what he is going to wear? Being consistent saves time! Know what it is you are going to have for breakfast, what you are going to wear and how long you are going to meditate or exercise for.

Mornings are not for everybody's favourite time of the day, a mindset often reinforced by those cheesy mugs and nightshirts that say stuff like "I don't do mornings". Do yourself a favour, throw out the mugs and nightshirts, and pick up a copy of the book ‘Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod. The book basically resounds the message that how you start your day will determine everything from your day ahead to how you live your life. After reading it you should hopefully be able to hop out of bed like a kid on Christmas Day.

My own morning routine has seven regular components. I meditate, I drink Bulletproof coffee, I am grateful, I listen to familiar feel-good music, I take my supplements and I have a cold shower.

Meditation will make you both focused and calmer. Bulletproof coffee will energise you and help your body to burn fat at a faster rate throughout the day. Showing gratitude and reflecting on the things in life that you are thankful for creates a positive mindset. Listening to familiar feel-good music will inspire and motivate you, and a cold shower has many benefits. Not only will a cold shower make you alert, but it is also great for your skin and hair, and can have a positive impact on your mental health.

Having a cold shower is not an easy or enticing prospect first thing in the morning, it is quite a difficult task for many people. By having a cold shower you have achieved your first goal of the day, you have already started to win.

Sticking to your routine means sticking to your routine and bar your roof caving in on you there should be no excuses and no interruptions. I have an agreement with my girlfriend not to interrupt me until my routine is finished. She knows how long it is and when it ends, and respects that, as I respect her routine.

Another great way to get fired up in the morning is to exercise. You don't need to do a full workout, just anything that jumpstarts your heart into action, a couple of minutes of jogging on the spot should do it.

So to hit the ground running, and seize control of the day! Create yourself a morning routine that works for you and above all be consistent. Remember that first hour counts – it is the building block for the rest of your day.

Martyn Cook
Martyn Cook

Martyn has been advertising online for the last 10 years. With millions of dollars spent and multi-millions dollars earned across a plethora of niches, categories, and channels.