Today I’d like to talk to you about the importance of light! The majority of us know about the importance of nutrition, drinking enough water, exercising and sleep, but did you know that getting enough natural light is just as important for our physical and mental well-being?

Many of us don’t get enough sunlight because of where we live. The winter months, in particular, can be dark and dreary. Not only do we wake up in the dark, many of us travel to work underground, and work in offices illuminated by fluorescent lights. When we actually get a break and the opportunity to take in some natural light we sit staring at our smartphones and computer screens instead. We have become in essence very much like mole people.

It really is time to shed some light on our lives. Just 10 minutes a day could be enough to make a difference, and I don’t mean looking at the light from inside your car wearing a pair of Ray Bans, I mean actually stepping outside into the daylight without your goggles and taking in the light in its pure, unadulterated form. You could try working your sunshine intake into your daily routine; maybe you could drink your Bulletproof coffee in the sunshine.

The benefits of being exposed to natural light are phenomenal and much underrated. Probably the best-known benefit of sunlight is Vitamin D. Our skin has the capacity to create large amounts of Vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun’s rays. I am not talking about lying in the sun for hours on end; too much sunshine can be harmful to your skin, but the right balance can have many benefits. Vitamin D is a great mood enhancer, it boosts your immune system, helps to lower blood pressure, helps you to sleep better, and is good for your bones. The best news is that it is absolutely free!

Sadly not all of us are lucky enough to live somewhere where we can be sure of an infinite supply of sunshine, but even dull natural light is better for us than artificial light. Recent phycological studies have shown that workplace performance is improved when employees have access to natural light.

For those of us who struggle to get natural light during the day, there are other options. Infrared saunas emit infrared light that is absorbed by the surface of the skin; they have all the benefits associated with exposure to sunlight. Jennifer Aniston, Tony Robbins, and Dave Asprey are all fans, and it has to be said they are doing alright for themselves! Infrared saunas aren't cheap, and even a basic one could set you back a couple of hundred, but infrared therapy is available in some salons and spas.

Another way of getting Vitamin D for those of us deprived of sunlight is to take Vitamin D supplements. I would have to say of all the supplements I take I would rate this the highest because of its many benefits. There is more good news too in that our bodies have the capacity to store Vitamin D, so when is shining get out there, lap up some rays and your body will thank you in those dark, gloomy winter months.

To recap - sunlight is as important as nutrition. Even taking in 10 minutes a day of sunshine (without your sunglasses) should help you feel a difference. Work your sunshine intake into your daily routine, maybe while you are enjoying your Bulletproof coffee. If you really can’t get access to sunlight there are always infrared saunas and Vitamin D supplements. Remember your body stores Vitamin D from sunlight so take advantage while the sun shines!

Martyn Cook
Martyn Cook

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